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Hello and  

Welcome to our club to our passion and our mission. Here we will explain all the things you need to know and also all you will get when visiting one of our concerts.

We are jazz artists and this is the only music we play. Jazz is our passion and something we love more than our own life. The music we play is emotional, it is trying to reach the hearts of all of you and to invoke all kinds of feelings you didn’t even know you have.

The music is capable of reaching the true potential in the first second once you hear it for the first time. This is the main reason why jazz is so special and how it differs from other musk genres. While they do need more time, jazz doesn’t. It is one of a kind music and one of a time experience for all the listeners and all the fans and yes, there are many of them. We use the traditional type of jazz, the traditional instruments, and all our ancestors used. There are no differences or deviations here and all is possible.

We have the best artists in the world and they will play for you. They are able to promote the music, to create something new at any given moment and so much more. Honestly, we don’t have the words sufficient for explaining all of these. There are no details we will have to cover. The best way to understand all of these is to come and enjoy our concert.

We have been offering our concerts and services to the entire United States, but now is the time to go further. We already have scheduled concerts in the United Kingdom, a few cities in Europe and several in Asia. The goal is to bring jazz closer to million other fans who don’t have mediums or are not familiar with the music. We must add that the first time we play in some city, the fans are thrilled and they are impressed. They constantly ask us for more and they want longer concerts. This is something we are working on as we speak. Thank you for reading this and learning something about us.

‘’Jazz always and jazz now are the words to remember.’’

Josh Gomez


‘’I am impressed. After visiting one of their concerts, I immediately booked 3 more tickets and I have been following them ever since.’’

Antonio M Carter

‘’The best time in my life was at these concerts. I listened to amazing music, I met impressive people and I enjoyed, period. 10+ rating from me and I will come again and again.’’

Margaret J Quick

‘’I never listened to jazz artists like these. They invoke my emotions, they provide fun and welcome feelings and so much more. Thank you guts.’’

Andrea A Bryson